27 inch Apple Cinema Display - Is It Worth $999?

​In July of this year, Apple announced the 27″ LED Cinema Display and, as most of us would expect, it isn’t a cheap piece of hardware.

Apple has a reputation for producing high quality products – and no one can deny that. There is often a good amount of discussion as to whether they mark their prices up simply because they know the Apple fans will pay for it, or because their products are actually superior to their competitors.

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A Chat With Solo Designer, Jerome Iveson

​The very wide array of project management web apps has been a growing category for the last couple years. There are now many options with each having its own set of pros and cons, depending on your needs and your taste. The category is quite diverse and it’s safe to say there’s no obvious winner. Solo, however, is doing some things that are making some waves in this category. So I sat down with designer Jerome Iveson to discuss his product.

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Lion Really Has Made Me More Productive - Here's How

​Apple released their large overhaul to their Mac operating system with Mac OS X Snow Leopard in June of 2009. This update seemed fairly basic to the naked eye as there weren’t many end-user feature updates, but under the hood the OS took strides in performance, efficiency and memory consumption. It was essentially laying the groundwork for the future. While I think Mac OS X users were happy with this update, I can say from personal experience that there was certainly some anticipation for what was next.

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App Prices Are on the Rise, But Is That a Bad Thing?

​We go through a lot of apps here at Mac.Appstorm. We review a ton of applications and we research and test even more. A fair amount of time is spent on trolling the App Store as well as the web searching for applications worth a review.

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Gut Check 212

At noon on Friday, Aug. 13th, my friend Scott Cunningham and I departed from the Wyoming/South Dakota border and headed east. We were planning to travel 412 miles in the next two days. We’d been planning this trip for months and it was finally time. We were both excited, nervous and a little scared.

Why the fear and apprehension? Well, we were planning to complete this trek by bicycle. 412 miles purely on human power. This is the Gut Check 212. A 48 hour, 412 mile bike race across the state of South Dakota on U.S. Highway 212.

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45 Awesome Utilities for Tinkering With Your Mac

The “utility” software niche is one that is extremely active in the Mac application community. There is an abundance of fantastic utilities currently available, and that list is ever changing. We love this type of software at AppStorm, regularly reviewing different apps that let you tweak and tune your computer.

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An Inside View of the Tour de Kota

“I’ll have a brownie, a Coke, a piece of strawberry- rhubarb pie, and that bag of Chex Mix,” I said.

“Whipped cream?” she asked as she pointed to the pie.

“Absolutely,” was my obvious answer.

“So how far did you ride today?” asked the lady selling baked goods at the Lutheran church booth.

“About 80 miles, I think,” I answered as I finished off the brownie.

“So why are you guys doing this?” the lady who sold me my fourth piece of homemade pie in as many days asked.

“I don’t know…I guess it’s just fun,” I answered in between bites, trying to refuel after a five-hour bike ride straight into the wind.

“You guys are crazy. I can’t ride around the block without getting tired,” she responded.

This was a common exchange between the cyclists and host-town volunteers during the annual week-long bicycle ride across the state of South Dakota, the Tour de Kota.

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Where Finishing is Victory

A slim, yet athletic looking man sits on the opposite side of the couch from me. He speaks passionately about the journey he is about to undertake. His weathered exterior displays his obvious experience. He speaks with such enthusiasm, excitement and rationality – all necessary ingredients for what he is about to do.

Mike Dunlap, Sioux Falls, is a 53-year-old former marathoner and Sanford Health exercise physiologist. On June 9 he will participate in arguably the most difficult endurance bicycle race in the world. The Race Across America is a staggering 3000 miles and some beginning in California and ending in Maryland that must be completed in 12 days or less. Fewer than 200 people have finished the race in its 27 years of existence.

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Profile of a Luthiery

Josh Rieck recalls a conversation he had not long ago with a high school friend. That discussion of what each was doing in their lives that we have all had when visiting with an old friend. Josh told his friend that he had started a luthiery business and was making a living building and repairing instruments and playing music.

“Oh, that’s great,” said his friend. “Just like what you said you always wanted to do.”

After some time to digest the standard conversation he realized that yes, he was in fact living out his dream. He also recalled another, similar conversation he had with one of his college professors.

“Oh perfect, you got your dream,” said his professor.

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ToDo Dilema

I’ve been living a more freelance lifestyle the last few months and I’ve become increasingly reliant on a to-do type application to help keep me organized. I spent quite a lot of time searching and trying apps. There’s definitely no shortage in this area so there are a pile to choose from.

I settled on The Hit List and was really confident about that decision. I found it to be a nice fit for what I was looking for. Maybe somewhere in between Omnifocus and Wunderlist. I’m not going to push you to my choice or to another. This category of applications is pretty personal to a lot of people. We all have our own set of needs, likes and dislikes. That’s not the point of this article.

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