- Ep 6: Trust on Product Development Teams

_Trust is the base-layer of everything we do in product development. It plays a part nearly every phase of every project and can genuinely be the thing that makes or breaks it. In this episode, Zeke and Matt dig into the impact trust has on design and development teams, how to build it, and what happens if you lose it. _ - Ep 2: Product Process

In this episode Zeke and Matt talk about the product development process. A little more specifically, what sort of information do you need when you start project and what can you do when you have trouble getting it.

Hey! I have news! I started a podcast with my friend Zeke Binion. We’re calling it Productship and we’re talking about how designers and developers work together to make cool stuff. We’re having a ton of fun so far and I think it may even be kind of interesting once in a while. Check it out!

Really like this quote from Twyla Tharp that was shared in the most recent Offscreen Newsletter.

Generosity is luck going in the opposite direction, away from you. If you’re generous to someone, if you do something to help him out, you are in effect making him lucky. This is important. It’s like inviting yourself into a community of good fortune.

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I’m tired. It’s time for a change.

It took a bunch of people I follow on Twitter to decide to take a Twitter break for me to really start to think about how I use Twitter. It just sucks me in and takes over my mind almost countless times a day. And for really no good reason. What am I getting out of mindlessly flipping through posts? It pretty much only makes me tired, stressed or anxious. It just. Wears. Me. Out.

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